Inline skating events, professional rollerblading races, amateur skate occasions, pro blade matches and aggressive tournaments listings.
Races & Events

International Events Calendar - Events around the world in 2006, including aggressive, artistic, hockey, recreational, and speed skating events on every continent.'s Inline Skating Calendar - Register online for an event in your area, or post your event for registration

Top 10 North American Marathons - All of these events are well organized, have a timed course, and happen on an annual basis. - Worldwide events, races and competitions, posted by National, regional state and city organizations, groups and clubs.

K2 SKATE - Follow the K2 team around North America.

CanadianContent - They have listings for mostly US races, and some in Canada.

United States ------------------
EXPN XGames - If you like the extreme stuff, and you haven't heard of the XGames. You have to check out these athletes live and in your area.

Get Iinline Chicagoland - At least 20 or 30 happenings in their calendar for, you guiessed it, Chicago.

California Outdoor Rollerskating Association - C.O.R.A promotes tons of California-based events.

Empire Skate Club - Night skates and more happening in New York, NY.

ISCA - The Inline Skating Club of America has Hockey tournaments that you can join.

Canada ------------------------
The Toronto Inline Skating Club - Mississauga, Etobicoke and Toronto.

Saskatchewan Inline Hockey Association - Find some games to play in this area.






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