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Inline Skating

  Welcome to the inline skating section. Here you'll find lots of skating paths, skate parks and skating or (urrrrgh) rollerblading tutorials. We don't condone calling inline skating, rollerblading by the way. Anyway that's totally up to you, bet we do also have events to go to like races and such, a skate products store, and extremely relevant links too.

Hosted by John and Mick
  Go figure, we both skate, ski, and bike, as do most extremists. That's why we've created this site to cater to the weekend warrior within.
  Both of us have been skating for over 5 years each, and have developed more than just a knack for it. Since we do everything to the extreme, you know we're not beginners.
  But hey, if there are any "professional" aggressive inline skaters out there that want to donate some tips or reviews for some extra promotional value, we won't complain.

Extra Blading Stuff
If you need a laugh, and it has to be about blading.
Check out some Funny Inline Skating Pictures

Going for a blade? Don't want to forget anything?
Use our: Blading Checklist

Want to share or checkout pictures of yourself or others wailing off rails, wiping out, or just having a good time on a path?
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