Inline skating tutorial for rotating skates wheels. A how to for routine maintenance tips to perform rotations and reduce wear.
Inline Tips

Rotating Inline Skate's Wheels Tutorial

  You should do a wheel rotation on your skates every time they wear noticeably on one side or the other.
  Doing this when necessary gives you a longer life on your wheels, and makes for a smoother skating.

Tools Required:
Small bowl or metal pan
Allen Keys
Rags or towels

Checking if a Wheel Rotation is Necessary:

  1. The idea is to check your wheels every month or so that you blade. Heavier people and beginners will wear out wheels faster than average. What you're looking for is uneven wear on the sides of the wheels. Do only one skate at a time.
  2. Lift your skate up to your face so that you are looking down the length of the wheels, and you just barely see all four of them (pic #1).
  3. Keep in mind which wheels are wearing on which side. It's not completely necessary since you're rotating them anyway, but it's good to know where you wear them out. (You can see if you're putting too much pressure on one side or at one end of the boot or not) That's it for the check portion.

Rotating the Wheels:

  1. The picture above-right will show you the rotation direction you need to use (pic #2).
  2. Remove two wheels at a time to avoid confusion. Make sure you place the first two wheels in before going on to the next two. Use an Allen key to remove the first two wheels bolts (axles) from the skate unless a specialized tool is supplied. Place the axles into a pan or bowl.
  3. What you have to do next is switch positions of the first two wheels, while simultaneously flipping each wheel so that the wear is on the opposite side of that particular wheel. If you need to, mark one side of the wheels slightly with a magic marker, so that the mark ends up on the opposite side of the skate. Wipe any dirt off the wheels or skate with the towel or rag while you're there.
  4. If you have switched the first two wheels positions with each other and flipped them at the same time, you're ready to place them back into the skate. Remember which two wheels you just switched.
  5. Now switch the other two wheels in exactly the same way.
  6. Once you have rotated the one skate, you just repeat the steps for the second skate. Just remember to only rotate two wheels at a time, or you may forget which ones go where.

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