Inline skating places for Niagara Glen Waterfront in Ontario Canada. With skate trails, scenic rollerblading paths and asphalt lanes.
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Entrance: Many places in Fort Erie (south end path) or Fort George (north end path).
Hours of Operation: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
Length: Approximately 50 km's length one way
Terrain: 1 very large hill at North end, mostly average to some excellent pavement specifically at Fort George.
Description: Beware of the hill at about a kilometer above the falls. Start South of this hill, south of the falls. It's a beautiful blade along the river, where you can visit the vineyards along the way for some brunch and excellent wine right from the source. If you want to see an amazing old fort start at the North end of the trail.
Directions: For the longer south end trail, start at least a couple of km's below the falls and go south to avoid the crappy cobblestone part, or take the road at that point if you want to see the falls that bad. Park in one of the designated areas along the road. There are free spots below the tourist area. For the shorter North section at about 6-8 km's, start at Fort George and head South from there. It'll be up to you if you want to try to climb the huge hill before you get to the falls, or you can turn back at that point. The trail is only broken up into north and south by the Falls, and the extremely large hill just north of the Falls.

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Great View of
Niagara Falls
To see the Falls skate the road around this crap to go south from there
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Fort George at
start of north end going south along Niagara Pkwy.
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Fort Erie start or finish of south end going north. Take Niagara Blvd. to Niagara Pkwy.
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