Inline skating places like the Ottawa River Parkway in Ontario, Canada. With skate trails, scenic rollerblading paths and asphalt lanes.
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Stats for Ottawa River Parkway
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Entrance: Many spots at the eastern side of downtown or in Kanata.
Length: Approximately 20 km
Terrain: Good pavement, with some significant hills. Some detours, construction and road crossings.
Description: You’ll pass scenic lookouts and two public beaches.
Directions: For the western path take Canal to Portage Bridge (good pavement, hills), Portage Bridge to Champlain Bridge
(5 km's, road crossings), Champlain Bridge to Britannia Junction (5 km's, newer pavement), Britannia Junction to Andrew Haydon Park 3.5 km's.
  For the eastern pathway take Rideau Falls to Rockcliffe Park (designated bike lane), Rockcliffe Park to New Edinburgh Boat House (newer pavement), Ottawa-New Edinburgh Boat House to Aviation Museum (newer paved path).

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Smooth Surface Into Tree Canopy
Where It Runs Beside the Road


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