Coleman Station Rail Trail for inline skating paved paths in Albany, New York. Scenic rollerblading places with asphalt lanes.
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Official homepage: Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association

Entrance: Century Blvd
Length: 3.6 miles
Terrain: Newly paved and open
Description: Part of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail system. In Millerton, the Eugene L. Brooks Rail Trail Station behind the North East Community Center on South Center Street is a resting place and information center.
Directions: Coleman Station, Town of North East, to Main Street, Millerton. Take Route 22 north to the traffic light in Millerton. Turn east on to Route 44, after turning east on to Rt. 44 (Main Street) at the Route 22 traffic light, travel up Main Street to the big orange building on your left called Saperstein's. Turn left on to Dutchess Ave. and then turn right on to Century Blvd. There is a parking lot on Century Blvd., and you are only a few hundred feet from the trail head.

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