Inline skating trails like the Pope Baldwin Path, Lake Tahoe, California. Skate routes, scenic rollerblading, paved asphalt lanes or smooth surfaces.
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Entrance: It starts where Hwy. 50 first touches Lake Tahoe at El Dorado Beach and connect to other bike trails and lanes throughout the city of South Lake Tahoe and into Nevada. Bike lanes along U.S. Highway 50 continue to this path.
Length: 3.9 miles
Terrain: Smooth and flat area by Historic Camp Richardson, the Tallac Historic Site and Fallen Leaf Lake.
Description: See a beautiful pine and aspen forest, or you can stop at Pope or Baldwin Beach, Camp Richardson, or the Tallac Historic Site.
Directions: The path is sandwiched between CA 89 and the southwest shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Part of the trail bridges over Trout Creek and the Upper Truckee River just south of the lake

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Smooth Path Shown in Winter
Highway 89 Area


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