Inline skating places like the Venice Beach path in Los Angeles, California With scenic rollerblading trails, asphalt lanes or smooth surfaces.
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Official homepage: Venice Beach Tourism

Entrance: Will Rogers or Venice Beach.
Length: About 7 miles
Terrain: The trail is flat, smooth, and interesting.
Description: A carousel at the pier and an apartment above that merry-go-round where a number of famous writers have camped out to concentrate. Tennessee Williams, for example.
Directions: From Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades, down through Santa Monica, past Ocean Park and almost all the way past Venice Beach.
   Start south from Will Rogers State Beach. It's the most recent addition. Go along Santa Monica State Beach. For steady exercise, stick to this northern part; otherwise keep on going south. As the Santa Monica Pier comes into view, keep an eye out for a Y in the path. Both forks take you to the same place. The left fork is the straighter one. Just after you go under the Santa Monica Pier, there's a ramp up to the right to go exploring on the pier.

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Asphalt Boardwalk
North End
Smooth Concrete
Beach Area

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  1. Loews Hotel - Beachfront resort.
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