Inline skating paths in San Francisco, California like the San Ramon Valley Iron Horse Trail. Lots of scenic rollerblading places with asphalt surfaces.
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Stats for San Ramon Valley Iron Horse Trail
Official homepage: East Bay Regional Parks

Entrance: Concord near Highway 4 or many places between San Ramon.
Length: 12.69 miles
Terrain: Smooth
Description: One of the longest continuous paved trails in the state.
Directions: Runs between the cities of Concord and Dublin  
The developed portion of the Iron Horse Trail begins in Concord near Highway 4. It runs south through Walnut Creek and crosses eastward under I-680 at Rudgear Road near a Park & Ride. From there the trail passes through a rural/residential area to connect with downtown Alamo and the Alamo Square shopping center. Continuing south, the trail follows a greenbelt through residential areas and into downtown Danville. It takes a jog across Danville Boulevard, passes back under I-680, and continues south past Pine Valley Road to the county line in San Ramon.

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San Ramon Rd.


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