Mountain biking trails in Castlewood State Park, St. Louis, Missouri. Singletrack downhill paths, extreme cycling spots and bike riding places galore.
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Trail Stats for Castlewood State Park
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Location: 1401 Kiefer Creek Road, Ballwin, MO 63021
Vertical Drop: 600 ft or 183 m's
Number of  Trails: 7
More than 15.5 miles of trails
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Type: 90% Singletrack
Phone Number: (636) 227-4433
Description: The River Scene Trail
is the most spectacular trail in the park. Most trails have steep and technical spots, with some flat trails as well.
Driving Directions:
Take I-40 west to Hwy 141 south. Follow 141 to Manchester or Big Bend and turn right (west) until you reach Ries Rd. which takes you into the park. Turn left on Kiefer Creek Rd. and follow it to the trailhead.
Biking Directions:
The River Scene Trail
is a three-mile loop that climbs to and then traverses a series of bluffs overlooking the Meramec River. It then goes down a long wood staircase that takes you from the top of the bluffs to the valley below. From there, the trail takes you through an up-close and personal look at the river and the bottomland surrounding it. (hiking only on the bluff portion).
   Grotpeter Trail is a three-mile loop that follows Kiefer Creek. After leaving the creek valley, the trail climbs and then winds through a group of hills adjacent to the creek valley. The trail runs on the north side of Kiefer Creek and also includes several road crossings.
  The Lone Wolf Trail is a 1.5-mile loop that parallels the River Scene Trail on top of the bluffs before plunging into the Kiefer Creek valley. The trail then follows the south bank of Kiefer Creek. There is also a creek crossing that connects this trail with Grotpeter Trail.
  The Stinging Nettle Loop is reached via the River Scene Trail or by parking at Sherman Beach County Park and taking the nature trail to Larry Elliot Road. The trail is a three-mile loop that circles through the forest adjacent to the river.
  The Cedar Bluff Loop is a two-mile trail that can be accessed from the Stinging Nettle Loop. The trail wanders through an old farm site before climbing a large hill. Along the way, the trail crosses a dry creek bed two times, and goes by some interesting rock formations while running through fields and forests.
 The Chubb Trail is a seven-mile trail that starts at the Chubb Shelter in West Tyson County Park. It passes through a part of Castlewood State Park and goes to the entrance of Lone Elk County Park. It passes two fields and then becomes tightly wedged between a railroad embankment and the river. The trail widens as it enters the bottomland within Castlewood State Park before climbing one big hill to the entrance of Lone Elk County Park.
  The Castlewood Loop is a three-mile trail that branches off Chubb Trail and includes Lincoln Beach .
  The Al Foster Trail is located in the Rock Hollow Unit of Castlewood State Park and Sherman Beach County Park.

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