Mountain biking trails in Noble Canyon, California near San Diego. With extreme downhill paths, single track cycling spots and bike riding places galore.
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Trail Stats for Noble Canyon
Official homepage: Laguna Mountain Volunteer Association

Location: Pine Valley in the Laguna Mountains
Elevation: 5,500 feet
Vertical drop: 2200 ft or 670 metres
Number of Trails: 1 main loop with a couple of short dead end extensions
Approx. 12.00 miles or 19.31 km's one way
Single track, dual track, some pavement
Type: Intermediate to advanced only!
Description: Steep and tecnical terrain with a gnarly climb right at the beginning or Saturday's starting from 10am every hour take a free shuttle run by Mountain Bike Mania for pure downhill fun. A National Forest Adventure Pass is required at the Upper Trailhead and the Lower Trailhead as well.
Take exit I-8 at Pine Valley and at the nearby gas station buy your Adventure Pass. Take old Route 80 two miles to a right on Pine Creek Road. After about three miles you'll see the Cleveland Forest parking lot or take the Penny Pines trailhead (mile marker 27.3 on Sunrise Highway).

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