Extreme mountain biking on the Porcupine Rim trail in Moab Utah. With downhill paths, single track cycling spots and bike riding places galore.
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Trail Stats for Porcupine Rim trail
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6,800 feet
Vertical Rise:
2,000 feet
Number of Trails:
1 main trail
31-mile loop or hire a shuttle to the trailhead for a 20-mile ride.
Terrain: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Type: Rugged Jeep trails, fast single-track
Phone Number:
Description: Moab's second-most popular mountain-bike trail.
Driving Directions:
Biking Directions: Porcupine Rim is best ridden in a counterclockwise direction. From Moab, pedal east on Sand Flats Road past the Slickrock Trail, climbing 2,000 feet to the trailhead. The ride begins next to two tanks, where you'll find a trailhead register. Go through the gate and start up the Porcupine Rim Trail.
  You then cross upper Negro Bill Canyon and climb an additional 1,000 feet on a Jeep road. After three miles the trail goes northeast and follows a canyon rim for 1.4 miles.

  Next is a 10-mile, 3,000-foot descent to the Colorado River and Highway 128. At mile 11.2, the trail turns to single-track and then begins the final 1,000 feet.

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