Extreme mountain biking on the SlickRock Trail in Moab, Utah. With technical paths, single track cycling spots and bike riding places galore.
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Location: Sand Flats Recreation Area
Usually from March through November, the spring and fall months are the most popular. Snow usually covers the trail from late December through February. The summer mid-day temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Vertical Drop:
Number of Trails:
12 miles including practice loop
Terrain: Advanced (Physically difficult, technically difficult)
Type: Slickrock
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Description: One of the most popular mountain bike trail in the world, boasting over 100,000 visitors per year. First timers might consider following the 2.3 mile practice loop before tackling the entire trail. You must pay a small fee to enter the Sand Flats Recreation Area.
Driving Directions: The trailhead is on Sand Flats Road 2.3 miles from the intersection of the Sand Flats Road and Mill Creek Drive in Moab.
Biking Directions:
The routes of both the main trail and the practice loop are indicated by painted white dashes. Trail intersections are also painted on the rock. Several portions of the main trail are marked with yellow dashes where the trail follows narrow ledges or abrupt drop-offs. Riders are cautioned to be especially careful at these locations and anywhere else the trail approaches a cliff, changes grade, or crosses rutted rock.
  For riders with less experience, the practice loop begins at the top of the first rings, about 0.2 miles north of the trailhead, and returns to that point via a segment of the main trail.

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