Extreme mountain biking on the Lewis River Trail in Gifford Pinchot Forest, Washington. With downhill paths and single track cycling spots.
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Trail Stats for Lewis River Trail
Official homepage: USDA Forest Service

Location: South-east of Mt. St. Helens national monument.
April to November
Vertical Drop:
600 feet
Number of Trails:
2 main trails
25 miles or 40.23 km's
Terrain: Beginner, Intermediate, Some Advanced
Type: 98% single track
Phone Number: (360) 891-5000
Description: One of the most picturesque trails in North America with old-growth forest, rock formations, and waterfalls. Lots of rolling hills and fast paths.
Get off I-5 at the Woodland/Cougar exit and take 503 towards Mt. St. Helens. Pick up a map at the tourist information (follow the signs, west side of I-5). Go through Cougar and head in to the park. The road changes names from 503 to park road 90. Continue on past the Pine Creek Ranger station to the trail head (Lewis River Trail, No. 31). Make sure to get a parking pass.

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Fast Single Track
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Technical Ledge Riding
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