Mountain biking checklist for bike riding items, like stuff to remember, gear for packing, food suggestions and for bringing tools or spare parts.
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Checklist

This checklist is for stuff you don't want to forget when you go on your next ride.

Helmet and gloves
Variously tinted glasses
Extra socks and shirt
Extra batteries (if you run lights, etc.)
Maps, directions
Some extra cash
Bug spray and sun block
First aid kit (medicines, bandages, scissors, topical       ointments)
Rain shell for your jacket
Cell phone for emergencies
Garden saw for grooming trails
Plastic bags for water protection of parts or person.
Plastic bags for garbage

Tools and Spare Parts:
Adjustable wrench, Allen keys
Extra spokes with multi-spoke key
Extra tube, patch kit
Chain tool
Valve adaptors and a small pressure gauge
      (for suspension forks)
Tire levers

Snack bars
Water (at least a couple of bottles)
Vegetables (carrot or celery sticks)
Fruit wrapped in paper towel (apples, pears, cantaloupe)

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