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MTB Sites

Norco - Canadian Mountain Bike manufacturer of  high quality mountain bikes and accessories.

Marin - Very famous, very high quality, mountain bikes and trails in Marin County too.

Cannondale - They make several products, so click on the mountain bike link.

Gary Fisher - The originator of the mountain bike.

Extreme Mountain Biking - More reviews, tips, news, and stuff for beginner's.

Gearhead - Lots of information, plus a trail resource section. Just text descriptions. but there are allot of them to check out.

Mountain bike Action -  Like most other magazines, they want you to subscribe, but they still give you some free useful stuff. They also have a few pictures and videos.(for vids you have to give your email, and possibly subscribe)

Mountainbike - More of the usual magazine type stuff. Lots of articles to read if you have the time.

Bike Exchange -  They say they have a very extensive classified section for bikes. We haven't tried it yet, but if they live up to their claims, it could be sweet.

Boston Bicycle Club

BIKEmagic - the total online cycling resource. news, information and advice, tests and reviews

Central Alberta Bicycle Club - 80 to 100 riders from the Red Deer area.





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