Extreme mountain biking trails, bike tips, single track riding places, dirt paths, cycling tutorials, product reviews, how to's and more.
Mountain Biking

   Welcome to the mountain biking section. Here you'll find lots of extreme single track trails, a bicycle mechanics tips, events to go to, a bike store, and extremely relevant links.

Hosted by John
  I've been a professional bicycle mechanic for many years and avid mountain biker since the inception of the sport. Fixing bikes and riding extreme trails is my job, and my hobby.
  I've participated in probably over 100 bike races, and my friends even call me "Super Johnny"
because I've helped so many cyclists get back on their way.    So now I'm here with lots of places to ride, and helpful tutorials, to get you out there too, and to enjoy the experience as well. If just one mountain biker can use my knowledge to save one boring life, then I've done my job.
  Now get in here, and use us to get out there.

Extra Bike Stuff
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