Bike parts descriptions in this mountain biking tutorial. Learn about bicycles with off-road cycling tips and how to tell cycle pieces from another.
Biking Tips

All Mountain Bike Parts Explained

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  Want to know everything about mountain bike parts. Here you go. Now you can buy your parts with confidence. You can use the diagram above, or the text links below.

  1. Bike Frames
  2. Handlebar Grips
  3. Gear Shifters
  4. Brake Levers
  5. Stems
  6. Head Sets
  7. Forks and Shocks
  8. Bike Tires
  9. Bike Tubes
  10. Wheel Rims
  11. Wheel Spokes
  12. Wheel Hubs
  13. Bottom Brackets
  14. Cranks
  15. Pedals
  16. Bike Chains
  17. Cog Sets
  18. Front and Rear Derailleurs
  19. Brakes
  20. Cables
  21. Seat Post Bolt or Quick Release
  22. Seat Post
  23. Saddles
  24. Handle Bars

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