Mountain biking how tos, bike tutorials, beginner riders tips, learn bicycle repairs, free cycling lessons, parts descriptions and cycle help in general.
Biking Tips

Our Tips and Tutorials are brought to you by a professional bicycle mechanic and avid mountain biking addict.

  1. Beginners Riding Tips - Here's a few things that point out a beginner, and that you should avoid if you ride hard.
  2. How to Fit Your Bike to Your Body - Everyone should set their bikes up to fit their own personal body size.
  3. Changing a Bike Tire and Tube Tutorial - If you can't change a tube or tire on the fly, you will be a fifth wheel.
  4. Patching a Tube - If you thought patching a tube never worked, you probably weren't doing it right.
  5. All Mountain Bike Parts Explained - This is a huge tutorial that details every part on a mountain bike so you'll know what you'll have to ask for at the shop.
  6. Nutritional Tips - What not to eat, what tastes good, and what works best.



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