Extreme mountain biking tips on nutritional foods. With the best snack bars, what can I eat answers and ideas on stuff to bring on a trip.
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Nutritional Foods

What Not To Eat Or Drink:
  You can drink if you want afterwards, but it will only slow you down if you try it during a ride. Even if you aren't tipsy enough to crash, the alcohol will dry you out, and leave you breathless. That's not good when you're an hours ride back to the car.

Awww Nuts
  They fill you up, but be careful. They can bog you down quite easily too. Too many nuts at once on an empty stomach may just kick you right in the stomach. Like menstrual cramps for men. Kapeesh! Your stomach can't break down heavy nuts quickly enough.

What's Good To Eat Or Drink:
Snack Bars
  Bars are nice, but keep them light, with fewer nuts in them. Yogurt in them is good. Tried the stuff that is like maple syrup in a tube. It's supposed to be pure energy. If you like to eat peanut butter toothpaste that is.

  Bring lots of water, with several bottles being recommended. Try freezing a couple of bottles filled only 3/4 full with water overnight. This way your third bottle of water is still cold when you get to it. You can also put crushed ice in the second bottle to keep that cold longer too. If you use a hydration backpack, see if you can fit some ice cubes in the hole. It also keeps your back cooler too.

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