Mountain biking tips on changing bike tires and replacing inner tubes tutorial. How to change tubing and wheel repairs mechanics explained.
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Changing a Bike Tire and Tube

  I have changed hundreds of tubes over the years and not until my daughter asked me to show her how it's done, did I realize that it wasn't as easy as it seems.

  1. Deflate, if its not already flat
  2. Use the "tire levers" to pry the bead off the rim and apply the second lever about two inches beside the first
    (pic #1). Most of the time you should be able to slide the first lever across the rim to pop out one side of the tire but if the tire is still too tight try pinching the tire and tube together all around the opposite end. This will loosen up the area you are trying to pry off. Also only try to remove one side
    of the tire bead at a time
    (pic #2). Once you have loosened off one side of the bead of the tire, the other can be pulled off by hand.
  3. Very carefully check the tire by running your fingers on the inside of the tire all the way around. Most likely you will find glass, thorns or metal fragments.If they are not removed and you put a new tube in you will need another tube with in minutes and you will not be happy.
  4. Inflate your new tube until it's a little smaller than your tire and shove it into the tire. This will keep the tube from getting all mucky and being accidentally stepped on, and will hold the shape of your tire since many tires are foldable and tend to want to roll up and twist while your are trying to work with them. Also, most tires have a specific direction. If there is no arrow on the sidewall showing you which way is forward look down at the tread pathern.If the tread has a Chevron or "V" shape to it, always point the "V" like it's cutting the wind. (pic #3) This applies to both front and rear. Running the "v" backwards will cause the tire to slide too easily when cornering hard.
  5. Put the valve through the valve hole in the rim.Then, put ONE side of the bead on, by hand, then push the tire back so the tube and tire are over top of the rim .This is the time to check if the valve is sitting straight down in the rim before you work the other side of the tire bead.
  6. "Work" the other bead on. This is done by hand, and is sometimes very tight. By pinching the opposite areas, already on the rim, you can give yourself a bit of slack to pop the last bit of bead over the rim. If you start to get frustrated because it's too tight and your thumbs are aching from the strain, don't go for the tire levers, or you will most likely pinch the tube and you won't be happy. If you must use "the levers" try sliding one inside, to push the tube back out of the way,then prying the levers up and over. This sometimes will work .....maybe.

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