Mountain biking tutorial on patching bike tubes. Wheel tubing repairs, how to use a kit and proper glue techniques are explained easily.
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Patching a Tube

 Using a "patch kit" (pic #1) is easy.

  1. Locate the hole, rough up the tube around the hole (approx the same area as the patch) with the abrasive paper or that cheese shedder thingy. (pic #2)
  2. Put a blob of glue on the hole in question, smear it evenly with your finger on an area just slightly larger than the patch (pic #3). Let the glue dry, then peel the foil backing off the patch, and then stick it on and press (pic #4). Did you notice I mentioned LET THE GLUE DRY. If the glue is still wet when you apply the patch, it will not stick, it will not dry later and worse, the area with the hole is now covered with globs of glue and will make trying the patch it again impossible

NOTE: If you happen to be “out patching “ when the temperature is TEN degrees Celsius or less the glue will not set. Rubber cement (the glue) just won’t work in this temperature but here’s a way to get it to work.

  1. Put the patch against your skin in a dry place (the foil will be cold so don’t whimper (other cyclists might hear you, and you might get that wussy-boy look)
  2. After using the abrasive paper, blob the glue on and spread it, heat up the glue with a lighter. (this would require bringing a lighter) Try not to set the glue on fire, this does also work at heating up the tube so the glue will dry but will often burn off the glue.
  3. Do this quickly the patch should be peeled and applied before the tube and glue cool off, so it’s a good idea to get out of the wind.

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