Bristol Mountain ski hill and alpine resort in New York, United States. With snowboarding places, US nordic trails and extreme downhills.
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Trail Stats for Bristol Mountain
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Hours of Operation:
9 am to 4 pm (Saturday 8 am to 10 pm)
Elevation: 671 m or 2,200 ft

Number of Trails: 30
Average Snowfall: 305 cm or 120 in
Terrain: 20% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Expert
Type: Downhill
Phone Number: (716) 374-6000
Snow Report: (716) 234-5000
Description: With a vertical drop of 1,200 feet, this hill isn't the largest in North America, but it's still a lot of fun. Most of the runs are on one side and the trails are basically straight down, but the drop is also very steady and fairly steep. Not so much of a resort for beginners with weak hearts.
  With the ramps at the end of the chair lifts being at least 15 feet high even the lifts are mini ski hills when you disembark.

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