How to sharpen skis maintenance tutorials, with snowboard repairs explained, alpine equipment tune ups and proper techniques.
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How To Sharpen Skis and Snowboards

  Most people don't keep proper care of their equipment, and we're out to change that. WHY? you may ask. Well, if you hit ice for starters, try turning with dull skis. Have fun sliding. Of course, no reputable ski hills have ice on them, to their own admission. At the resort I patrolled, they called it "Hard Packed".
  Even if you don't care about the ice, sharp skis make for a sharper image, sharper turns, and a better ski experience. Look for shops that use a laser sharpener, for the best cut.

Using a sharpening tool.

  1. The main thing to keep in mind, is to read the instructions carefully. Nice even, long strokes are best, just like when waxing. Make sure you always scrape in the same direction.
  2. This tool can be purchased for only a few dollars, and you can have sharp skis every time.

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