Ski maintenance tutorials, snowboarding how to's, proper care lessons, tune ups explained, alpine equipment repairs and better techniques.
Skiing Tips

  Learn to ski better, read tutorials on how to to take care of your gear, and put some ski patroller's common sense into your skiing. Hit the links below if you want to know more.

  1. Stop Right There, Not - I can't stress the need to keep moving enough when getting off chair lifts. So here's a gentle reminder and why you should move it on over.
  2. How To Sharpen Skis and Snowboards - If you don't want to wipe out in front of all your friends, keep up on the sharpening. If you don't believe me, read it, and then you will.
  3. How To Wax on and Wax off - Waxing your skis or board is just too damn easy nowadays. So here's some tutorials and testimonials.
  4. Types of Alpine or Downhill Skis
    -Find out what skis suit you best for the type of skiing you want to do.
  5. How Alpine Skis are Made and Materials Used
    -It's not necessary for better skiing if you have the right sales person, but it sure can't hurt.
  6. Alpine Skis Features and Characteristics - Learn what downhill skis have to offer or what to look for when buying them.
  7. Features and Descriptions of Ski Equipment - When you're extreme skiing, all your equipment has to be the right stuff. Learn to choose what's best for you.
  8. Why It's Not Worth It to Ski Out of Bounds - It used to be heaven for extreme skiers, but with all the fatalities the ski resorts are cracking down on this unsafe sport.





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