Skiing out of bounds safety tips. People killed in avalanches, ski resort rescues, fines for tresspassing and charged credit cards are the price.
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Why It's Not Worth It to Ski Out of Bounds

  Over 150 people each year on average are killed in avalanches. In 90-95% of cases the victim themselves triggered the avalanche that killed them. Ski resorts are frantically trying to open new areas, and local law enforcement agencies are starting to charge out of bounds skiers for rescues on their credit cards.
  Is it worth it? Lets find out. First of all, thousands of people ski out of bounds every year, so your odds are about the same as dying in a car accident. If you wear a seatbelt, then you shouldn't ski out of bounds. But, that's not the only issue, now you have to worry about being billed for any rescue that you need to have. That's not what you would call cheap by any means, considering the number of people that need rescuing over a year is much, much higher than the fatalities. Plus, the ski resorts may end up having people charged for trespassing if fatalities climb.
  You may think the alternative of paying for heli-skiing is a much too expensive solution. But considering that the price tag of heli-skiing may be $200.00 or $300.00 each, the price tag for skiing out of bounds could be your life, or several thousands of dollars for a rescue, or even a fine of several hundred dollars just for stepping 10 feet out of bounds. Taking into account the cool helicopter ride, the heli-skiing doesn't seem that expensive anymore.
  If you're still insist on skiing out of bounds, and you think ski patrollers are nuts, then at least prepare yourself by using our checklist for insanely extreme skiing below.

 This checklist is for stuff you don't want to forget when you go on your next extreme or heli-ski trip.

Extreme Skiing Checklist:
Inform resort or guides about your destination
Beeper or location finder
Maps and directions
Ski Holiday Insurance
Ski Pole / Avalanche Probe

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