Extreme Mobility section for submitting inline skating places, to help find aggressive skate parks and rollerblading paths submissions by you.

Submitting Inline Skating Paths or Aggressive Skate Parks
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  Hi, from everyone that keeps this site running. That means you.

  First off, thanks for taking the time to let everyone know about some smooth paths or aggressive skate parks. Secondly, below is a list of what we are ultimately looking for. The more information that you can supply, the better we can make this site.
  *If you are only correcting or updating information, please let us know the location first (see locations below), so we can find it faster.

Let everyone know what paths are out there.

Email Us Inline Skating Places
( Please DO NOT change the subject line of the email)

Ideas On What To Submit

  1. Locations
    -The country , then state, or province, territory, city, town, area and address of the place if possible.
  2. Descriptions
    -Length (guess if you have to), any hills and sizes of them, quality of the path(s) (example: smooth asphalt, grainy concrete), and any special scenery
    -Where to park, if the path is a loop or straight
    Aggressive Skate Parks:
    -Indoor or outdoor, number and type of rails, boxes, pyramids etc.
    -Hours of operation, extra facilities like a cafeteria, rentals etc.
    -Let us know what you liked, or didn't like about the place.
  3. Pictures (Attach Them in the Email) Tutorial
    -If possible the best pictures show the quality of the path and as far down the length as possible.
    -Any special landmarks, break off points, or spots where someone may have difficulty, physically or just finding where it continues.
    Aggressive Skate Parks:
    -Try to have one picture that shows as much of the place as possible, then some individual pictures of the different structures too. Get someone to take a picture of you doing tricks on them.
  4. Maps
    -If you want to send us some maps, we would appreciate it.
    -You can hand draw them, or if you have a global positioning unit, that works the best. If you have to, scan a map and highlight the path. We have programs that can draw maps quite well.
    -Try to include any inclines, or declines, elevations, or boundaries like a road, fence, or private property. We DO NOT condone trespassing.
  5. Miscellaneous
    -Any link to an official site or phone number of the place(s) would be great
    -If you don't want your name published as the submitter, please let us know.
    -You must either be the original photographer, or have permission to submit pictures to us.
    -Please be patient, and allow us a few days to place them in the site.

Once again, thank you for helping out.



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